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Add old photos of lost loved ones into new creative compositions
Creative Photo Restoration

Restore your photographic prints!  Wondering what to do with the family photographic prints or slides you've stored away in albums or boxes over the years?  Imagine having your lost loved ones appear along with you in a creative present-day photo composition. These can be saved as beautiful framed prints or video slideshows. In the two examples below you can click to enlarge the photos. To find out more details you can contact me here.

Sample 1 - Before

5 siblings lost their mom over 40 years ago. Few photos of her remain and are deteriorating in condition. The photo below was scanned to digital format
and restored for quality.  

Original BW Image
Sample 1- After

This is the final result! A beautiful image with watercolor effects and colour enhancements ready to be printed onto canvas and framed.

Watercolour Print on Canvas
Sample 2 - Before

I have 3 brothers. In 2017, three months after my oldest brother passed away I took this shot of my two surviving brothers. I needed to put myself and my oldest brother into this photo.

Sample 2 - After

I chose to finish the composite image below in black and white to add emotion and enhanced tones. Now the four brothers are together again!

The Arnold Brothers at Bridal Veil Falls 2017
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